Community Solar



Community solar is a good fit for electric cooperatives and our members.  This project will produce local, renewable energy for the members who want it.  Community or shared solar means multiple people get electricity from a midsize solar farm, offering a convenient option for members who want to buy carbon-free power.

The energy generated by these panels will feed directly into the cooperative's distribution system. Community solar has many benefits for Blue Ridge members that have an interest in renewable energy. There is no installation or huge upfront cost, as with rooftop solar.  Some co-op members want the benefits of a solar system, but don't want to bear the expense and maintenance of panels at their home. The co-op will handle all the details—site planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Members can participate through a monthly "subscription" and receive a bill credit based on how much energy is produced by the solar farm.


Solar Farm


All of us at Blue Ridge are excited about this endeavor, and we appreciate our members who have partnered with us in introducing this category of renewable energy to our system. We expect all our members to benefit from this undertaking, and we look forward to exploring other environmentally beneficial solutions that would make sense for all our membership.



Up-Front Charge for 1kW Blocks & Reoccurring Monthly Charge

Administrative Charge $30  

1 Block: $50.00 / $14.00
2 Blocks: $100.00 / $28.00
3 Blocks: $150.00 / $42.00
4 Blocks: $200.00 / $56.00
5 Blocks: $250.00 / $70.00

Total Initial Investment: Administrative Charge $30 + Block Fees



Kilowatt hour is a measure of electrical energy equivalent to a power consumption of 1,000 watts for 1 hour.

Blue Ridge has fully subscribed all 250kW planned production blocks with Phase-One and Phase-Two community solar farms.  We are currently taking applications to be added to a waiting list should any of these blocks become available in the future.  


Subscriber agrees to comply with and be bound by the Terms & Conditions.

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Community Solar


Community Solar