Web Site Privacy Notice

SUMMARY: Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative is committed to protecting the privacy of all authorized users. As part of that commitment, this web site privacy notice informs authorized users:

1. What information is collected and under what circumstances

2. Whether it is voluntary or involuntary

3. How that information is used

4. With whom that information will be shared and under what circumstances

5. The ability of the authorized user to choose how that information is used, how it can be reviewed and how it can be corrected.

This policy applies only to information collected, maintained and used by Blue Ridge Electric and does not apply to the collection and use practices of web sites which users connect to through blueridge.coop links, nor does it apply to information posted on blueridge.coop that is provided by third parties.



1. Initial log-on/authentication – To become an authorized user of the "My Energy Online” section of blueridge.coop, the prospective user will be required to provide for authentication purposes some basic information about themselves and their electric account. This information is voluntary provided and is used to identify the user as an authorized account holder with Blue Ridge Electric. 

2. Web server log information – This is basic information, that does not identify any specific individual, is collected on all user visits such as the domain from which blueridge.coop was accessed, IP address, type of browser or operating system, date, time, duration of access, pages visited, links visited and more. This information is automatically (involuntarily) collected and used to help blueridge.coop improve and maintain the availability and usefulness of the web site for authorized users. This information is used in the aggregate for this purpose and no attempt is made to identify any specific individual. Authorized users cannot opt-out of collection of this information and it is not reviewable or correctable by the authorized user because it is not personally identifiable information.

3. Cookies – Cookies are not currently utilized on blueridge.coop.

4. Requests for products/services/information – When authorized users request products, services, or information from, or respond to surveys conducted by blueridge.coop, personally identifying information such as name, home address, social security number, and internet address may be requested in order to complete the process. Failure to provide the requested information, however, may preclude service or information requested. This information is voluntary and the user can opt-out of providing this information by simply not providing it as requested.


DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION - Any information collected and retained by blueridge.coop.com will not be released to third parties except as indicated below.

1. Any information needed by a contractor to perform services for Blue Ridge Electric will be disclosed to the contractor. Those contractors will be required by contract to observe the same privacy protections that apply to blueridge.coop.

2. Any information required by Blue Ridge Electric employees to respond to an authorized user's request for products, services, or information will be shared with the appropriate employees. Unless an election is made to opt-out, any information provided when authorized users request services, products, or information or respond to surveys conducted by blueridge.coop, will be made available to appropriate personnel within Blue Ridge Electric in order to offer those authorized users other products, services, or information they might find useful.

3. Any necessary information will be disclosed to appropriate personnel within Blue Ridge Electric for purposes of implementing new services and making users aware of web site features, improvements, modifications, etc.

4. Any necessary information will be disclosed to any appropriate internal or external authorities in order to identify and pursue remedies against users who attempt to damage, misuse, or otherwise interfere with Blue Ridge Electric operations or to otherwise protect Blue Ridge Electric’s legal interests.

5. Any necessary information required to respond to properly issued legal process such as search warrants, court orders, or subpoenas will be disclosed to the appropriate requesting authorities. Blue Ridge Electric will make every reasonable effort to limit such disclosure.

6. Under S.C. Code Ann. §58-49-630 (c) (3), Cooperative Trustees are required to disclose any goods or services of more than $25.00 in value that were received by the Trustee from a company that the Trustee knows, has, or seeks a business relationship with the Cooperative (other than a Cooperative membership). The total value of and a description of any goods or services under any such disclosures are also required to be included in the annual Trustee compensation and benefits disclosures under S.C. Code Ann. §58-49-615. For the current reporting year, there were no such S.C. Code Ann. §58-49-630 (c) (3) Trustee disclosures to be reported.



Blue Ridge Electric, as owner of this website, has implemented best business practice technical, administrative, and physical security methodologies in order to protect its legal interests, against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure of all information collected and maintained by Blue Ridge Electric. While no information is absolutely safe in an electronic environment, by implementing best business practice security methodology, Blue Ridge Electric has taken reasonable steps to secure information collected, retained and used. Blue Ridge Electric is not responsible for information security breaches caused by the illegal or unauthorized acts of any individual.


Authorized users of blueridge.coop will be notified of all changes to the substance of this policy through postings on blueridge.coop alerting them to affirmatively review the changed policy posted on the blueridge.coop web site.