We've seen the future and it's ELECTRIC!


BREC is excited to bring electric vehicle (EV) education and products to you. There have been advancements in technology enabling electric vehicles to become more efficient and more affordable. With these changes, we can be on the road to a cleaner world.

Charge your EV with BREC


At Home:

If you have power in your garage, you can charge your EV at home.  Click here to view the residential rebate application.


At Charging Stations:

There are charging stations that provide fast charging for your EV across our country and here in our communites. Most EV station have a required payment, much like gas stations. We have a level 2 charging station, at our Pickens and Westminster locations they can be accessed for a small fee.  You can drive nearly anywhere and find a charging station. Apps like ChargePoint can help you plan your route to find charging stations along the way!

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