Two August milestones

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As I'm preparing this month’s report, it’s been 1,785 days since Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative employees recorded their most recent lost-time accident.  Five full years will have passed since that last accident occurred. August 4, 2015 was the exact date. That represents an almost unbelievable accomplishment! I have to take my hat off to the entire Blue Ridge workforce for their impressive focus on working safely.

Quality leadership

This kind of safety performance doesn’t just happen. For one thing, it’s critical to have quality leadership at the helm of any job training and safety program. The co-op certainly has that in the person of our manager of safety and loss control, David Black. David leads by example, and he sincerely cares about the well-being of every single man and woman included on our organizational chart.

It’s also important to have in place a well-thought-out safety program. The co-op has invested heavily in its program because we recognize that the folks who work here are our greatest asset. It’s therefore incumbent upon us to design the safest possible environment in which these individuals can perform their tasks.

Also essential to a successful safety program is employee support. In that respect, our safety record speaks for itself. Our workforce has obviously embraced all aspects of our emphasis on safe job practices. Consequently, they’ve reached a milestone that’s truly rare in the world of work.

80th anniversary

The month also welcomes another milestone that’s of special significance to our Blue Ridge organization. This August 14th, the co-op observed its 80th anniversary. On that date in 1940, a small group of men gathered in Clemson and took the necessary actions that brought Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative into existence.

In the years since, Blue Ridge has been responsible for taking the blessing of central-station power to more than 67,000 members.  Those members include homes, farms, businesses, schools, churches, and many other institutions located across the primarily rural areas of this northwestern corner of South Carolina. Our 80-year history is definitely a proud one, and as a result, we’re celebrating. It’s also true that the co-op continues to grow, and we’re excited about what the future might hold for us. You can be assured that our plan is to keep growing in our commitment to deliver the most reliable service possible to you and all our other members.


Jim Lovinggood

President CEO