Solar Step by Step Guide





We recommend that the Member neither install a solar system, nor enter into any associated financial obligations, until after the Cooperative has evaluated and approved the proposed system.


1. The Member will submit the completed Application to Interconnect along with the following:

a. Application fee ($100.00 residential, $250.00 nonresidential) 

b. Proof of personal-liability insurance ($100,000.00 minimum) 

c. One-line diagram for proposed system installation and connection 



Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative 

P.O. Box 277 

Pickens, South Carolina 29671 

ATTN: Stephen Strickland 


FedEx or UPS

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative 

160 Nealy St.  

Pickens, South Carolina 29671 

ATTN: Stephen Strickland 


Upon receipt of the completed Application to Interconnect and the accompanying application-fee payment, proof of personal-liability insurance, and the one-line diagram for the proposed solar system installation and connection, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative will undertake the following:


1. Mail a letter acknowledging the receipt of the Member’s application.


2. Review the application to determine that the proposed system meets the Interconnection Standard

a. The Member will be notified of needed adjustments to meet the standard. 

b. Any modified/altered designs will then need to be resubmitted for approval. 


3. Mail a letter to both the Member and solar company, certifying the system and providing notice of approval to go forward with the installation. (Once the system has been installed and released by the county having jurisdiction, the Member will then be responsible for notifying the Cooperative to proceed with the metering modifications.)


4. Schedule a time to verify that the installed system meets the Interconnection Standard

a. Typically, verification occurs within two weeks after the Member has notified the Cooperative. 

b. The Member will be notified of any modifications required to meet the standard. 


5. Commission the installation of a pre-programmed, bi-directional, net-metering unit, once the installed solar system has received the required verification.