Is solar right for you?

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Solar panels are popping up in many residential neighborhoods these days.  Have you ever wondered if solar is an energy option that might suit your lifestyle and needs?  Your co-op has several employees devoted to solar technology and is ready to give you all the pros and cons to having these panels attached to your home.

Stephen Strickland has been with the energy services department for a number of years and knows a great deal about cost verses payback, as well as some of the things to avoid when choosing solar.  Strickland explains, “Not all solar companies and salesmen are alike.  Some are very knowledgeable and can give you excellent advice on installing panels, but others will make promises that can’t be kept.  Our goal is to counsel you and be there to oversee the process with you, should you make a decision that solar is for you.”

The competition among solar companies is strong.  Many promise no more power bills or bills that will be cut in half or more.  When that doesn’t happen, our co-op members come to us for help, but by then it’s too late.

Blue Ridge is now partnering with several solar installers to make sure that, if solar is your choice, you are given all the correct information and your expectations are realistic. 

“We are your cooperative and if solar is the right fit for you, we want to oversee your installation from beginning to end and make sure you know what you’re getting,” Strickland adds.  “After all we aren’t going anywhere—we’ve been here for almost 80 years, working to bring you power for all your needs.” 

So rather than calling after solar panels are installed, let us be the first contact on your list.  After all, we work for you and want to be your trusted energy expert.   Click here to visit the Energy Services page for more information.