Solar Interconnect

Solar Interconnect



Let our Energy Services Team help you make an informed decision about solar energy.  As Your Trusted Energy Experts, we will walk you through the process and help you understand the economics.  Have peace of mind and allow YOUR cooperative to help you make decisions about your solar energy needs. 




We recommend that the Member neither install a solar system, nor enter into any associated financial obligations, until after the Cooperative has evaluated and approved the proposed system.


Solar Application Fees

Residential fee: $150.00

Non-Residential fee: $250.00

Note: In the memo area of the check, please include the address of the member applying for interconnection.  (example: 134 Solar Dr. Pickens, SC 29671)



Online Application

1. Submit Application to Interconnect.


2. Mail-in application fees:


Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative

P.O. Box 277

Pickens, South Carolina 29671

ATTN: Solar Interconnection


FedEx or UPS

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative

734 West Main Street

Pickens, South Carolina 29671

ATTN: Solar Interconnection


3. Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative (Blue Ridge) will review the application.  If the system is over-sized, our representatives will contact both the member and the solar company.


4. Blue Ridge and the member will both sign the Interconnection Agreement.  The terms of the Net Billing Rider will be reviewed with the member, and our representatives will offer our suggestions and insights, should we observe any concerns related to issues of shading and/or the physical location of the system.


5. After the Interconnection Agreement has been signed, Blue Ridge will then send an approval letter to the solar company.


6. Once the solar company has received the codes release from the appropriate county, Blue Ridge will then update the meter, following the completion of a field inspection.  The meter will be updated at either the end of the month or the end of the billing cycle, whichever may come first.


7. Blue Ridge will then forward the “Permission to Operate” letter to the solar installer.


Effective 9/1/2021


Contact Us with questions concerning Solar Interconnection.