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paying bills

At Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, we understand that many of our members may currently be facing unexpected financial hardships. To offer assistance, for an extended period we’ve suspended the disconnecting of electric service for nonpayment on both home and business accounts.

Blue Ridge has also relaxed our usual timelines for payment arrangements. Members will be provided with an opportunity either to request an extension, or to set up a deferred-payment contract on an outstanding balance. These deferred installments would be applied as an added sum on future monthly power bills.

Moreover, we are unable to place the burden of unpaid bills on other co-op members.  Consequently, we’re going to begin taking additional action with regard to those who have not yet communicated with us.  We’ve spent the month of June attempting to telephone every member with past due accounts, while leaving messages if our calls are unanswered. 

Disconnection for non-payment of accounts will resume on July 13 unless you have made some type of arrangement for payment.  If you’re having difficulty paying your bill, there are a number of agencies available to help you with that payment.  Click here for a list of agencies.  If you don’t have access to a computer, please be in touch with the cooperative, and we’ll then mail the list to you.  Then, you can contact an agency of your choosing and schedule an appointment to have their representative to review your account.

We’re here to help, and we encourage you to contact us at 800-240-3400 if you have questions concerning your account information.