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The Blue Ridge Co-op mobile app is one you should certainly add to your mobile device. With options to control your account and energy use, it can mean big savings for you. When I saw my home’s latest bill on the app, it was higher than I had hoped—something we all experience when those first hot days of summer come. Then, I reviewed the usage graph during the past month and was encouraged by what I saw. As you can see on the picture that came from my cell phone through my app, my usage included the Memorial Day weekend. It was a long weekend, and the temperatures were very hot in our area. We also had extra people in the house and a lot of activity inside and out. The air-conditioner, pool pump, ceiling fans and televisions were on from sunup to sundown. There were extra loads of laundry, the dishwasher was used more, and the oven added to the heat in our home. On June 1, we began our on-line series, 30 Days of Summer Energy Savings. Reviewing all the simple, practical things we can do to lower our energy usage makes so much sense. My family started on this savings journey, and along with more moderate temperatures, we saw a change immediately. Now, I review this energy graph daily and see how we did. It’s one of the best tools you can have at your disposal. If you missed our 30 Days of Summer Energy Savings, it’s not too late. Click here to see them all. But more importantly, put them in use. Click here for more information about the Blue Ridge app. You can also pay your bill, view your payment history, report an outage and manage account alerts—a real convenience in our “instant” world.