Hurricane Florence threatens South Carolina

Hurricane Florence


Although the path of Hurricane Florence is still somewhat uncertain, here at Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative we have been on alert since the first warning was issued.  As we learned from Hurricane Irma last year, even if Florence does not make a direct hit on our state, heavy rainfall and high wind can cause property damage and outages. 

Our latest information indicates that heavy rains and winds with speeds topping 40 MPH will hit our area late Saturday and continue until Monday. Regardless of when Florence comes, we are prepared.  Our inventory of poles, wire and other equipment has been expanded, our trucks are loaded, and all our crews are ready to roll at the first call.  At least forty additional crewmen, some from as far away as Arkansas are scheduled to arrive on Saturday.  We also have additional resources and support available if we need them.  

Once the direction and impact of Hurricane Florence are determined, we will further evaluate our needs.  As part of the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, we are one of 20 co-ops in the state.  As they coordinate the restoration effort throughout Hurricane Florence we may be sending crews to the coast once our area has all power restored.

As always, co-op staff, line crews and dispatchers are on-call 24 hours a day. 


If you need to report an outage, call 1-888-BLUERIDGE, or for fast, easy outage reporting, download our mobile app.   

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