H20 Select


How do I get my water heater rebate?

It's easy!

Members of Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative who purchase a new 40 to 79 gallon electric water heater will receive a $200 rebate.

Purchase an 80-gallon or larger water heater and receive a $300 rebate.

BONUS: Get an extra $300 rebate if you switch from a gas or propane to an electric water heater. With the bonus, receive a possible total rebate of $600.

Installation Requirements, Rules & Guidelines

  • To qualify for a rebate and other incentives under the H2O Select program, the customer must complete an enrollment form and provide receipt.
  • Only one rebate will be paid per home. H2O Select rebates are paid per home and not per water heater.
  • A conversion bonus rebate is available for any water heater that changes from gas to electric.
  • For all new spec home construction, rebates will be paid to the general contractor or developer.
  • Rebate is to be paid to homebuyer of new construction homes.
  • Mobile Home customers must own the land on which the home resides, and it must be attached to a permanent foundation.
  • Blue Ridge Electric Co-op must be allowed to inspect any water heater(s) at reasonable times to insure proper operation and program compliance.
  • Blue Ridge may end this program without notice anytime.

Download the guidelines and application here

*Tankless water heaters do not qualify for rebates.