EV Charging Station open for business

EV Chargers


Now travelers along I-85 between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, Ga have a new option for charging their electric vehicles.  Located at Exit 4, Herring Road in Fair Play, S.C., 12 Telsa superchargers and the first ChargePoint Express Level 3 to be installed in the state are operational.

With more and more conversations being held about the benefits of electric vehicles, and the increased support they have received from car manufacturers, it was an easy decision to make these chargers available to travelers.  CEO Jim Lovinggood is somewhat surprised at the use these EV chargers have already seen. “We watch the kwh usage closely and are seeing a lot a growth already as EV owners discover this location.  It’s particularly important to us that a lot of the sales are occurring during the off-peak times.” 

Each Blue Ridge location has a ChargePoint charging station as well, providing public access to a safe and convenient charging option.  Blue Ridge is offering a rebate to members that install a charging unit at their home.  For more information, contact us at 800-240-3400 and speak to someone in our energy services department.