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An array of elements comes into play with regard to the cooperative’s mission of providing quality service.  The most obvious measure would be how reliable we are in physically delivering electricity to each member’s location.  That’s a big part of the picture, and consequently, much of our effort is focused on continuing to raise that level of dependability.

In this month’s report, I want to emphasize our commitment to ensure that transacting business with Blue Ridge is as convenient as possible for our members.  Convenience should definitely be recognized as one of the ingredients that contributes to our overall effectiveness in serving our members well.

One area where we seek to accommodate those we serve is in the payment of their monthly power bills.  Co-op members have at their disposal a menu of payment options, both conventional and relatively modern:

  • Online credit card
  • Online e-check
  • Credit-card draft
  • Bank draft
  • In-office visit
  • Mail-in payment

Today, use of credit cards online is proving to be the most-popular means of remittance.  One reason for its popularity is the ability to pay online through the Customer Portal on the web site or after hours by calling the IVR.  Many members also are enjoying the convenience of paying with their credit card using the BREC App. While the app has a lot of information, it is certainly easy to make a payment using your mobile device.

However, each of the other categories has its loyal subscribers.  In fact, one of the truly traditional payment alternatives—bank draft—has seen notable, steady growth.  Just in the last three years, the number of members utilizing bank draft has increased by more than 40 percent. 

Most importantly, I want every member to select the option that suits them best.  For instance, we’re always glad to greet those individuals who come to our offices either to pay their bills or for other business.  I’d also encourage contact with our member service center to obtain more information about any of those items on our payment menu. 

One other bit of information I’d mention is that Blue Ridge now has a kiosk in operation at both our Oconee and Pickens office.  These convenient, well-lighted devices are there for those who want to stop by after hours, or use this self-service method to make a payment during the day.  Access to our night-deposit box at each location also continues to be available to meet members’ needs.

Our bottom line, always, is that we’re here for you.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance.

Jim Lovinggood

President CEO