Community needs continue to be our priority

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Mask Donation

In almost every message or article you read from Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, you’ll notice one of the common themes is the commitment our co-op and employees have to the communities we serve and live in. Blue Ridge Fest is an excellent example of that commitment. Although the Fest has been cancelled our sponsors and employees have given donations and sold raffle tickets to make sure that local agencies will receive a contribution that is equivalent to what has been given in other years.  Considering the stress that COVID-19 has put on local charitable agencies, this will be a very important year for Blue Ridge Fest to step up.

Just recently, when our management team received word that several of the local hospitals were in need of N95 masks, Blue Ridge began looking at our inventory of this important personal protective equipment.  Our numbers were not excessive, however, Vice-President Zach Hinton, estimated that we could donate several hundred masks to two of our local hospitals and still have enough to protect our employees.  Zach shared, “My wife is a physician, and when she began talking about the need for more PPE, it was natural for us to turn to our local hospitals and offer them what assistance we could.”