30 Days of Winter Savings starts in October

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30 Days of Winter Savings

It’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner.  In our part of South Carolina, winters can be harsh with cold temperatures, coupled with ice and snow.   Since a big portion of your power bill is associated with heating costs, now is a good time to think about ways you can prepare your home for winter.

Beginning October 1, we’re going to offer a series of energy saving tips; 30 Tips for Winter Savings—Small Changes, Big Results.  The tips will be offered daily on Facebook and on our website.  If you miss a day, the list can be seen on our web page. 

Many of these tips were part of our summer series for saving money throughout your home.  Once you’ve made an energy saving improvement, chances are you will continue to benefit year-round.  And as the tagline says, small changes can bring big results. 

One of the most important things you can do for free is download the Blue Ridge app on your cellphone or other device.  Most meters now record daily usage, and by logging on to your account, you can see what is happening at your location every day.  That way, you’re the first to know when that winter bill starts to rise and you can make adjustments then, rather than when a higher bill comes at the end of the month.

Another option you might consider is levelized or budget billing.  By paying either an equal amount (budget) or average (levelized) bill each month, there are no surprises in colder months.  Your payment will be fixed or fluctuate just a small amount.

Please contact us for more information on how Blue Ridge can make your winter stress free.  Also, follow us during the month of October and get prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.


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