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Understanding Your Bill
How to read your monthly statement

Your monthly statement shows the billed amount for kilowatt hours used. It also has helpful information, including your usage over a 12-month cycle so you can compare your energy consumption to last month and even to last year during the same billing period.

Please follow the numbered explanations that correspond with the numbers on the statement sample below to better understand your monthly statement.

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative Billing Statement

  1. Account Number — This is your Blue Ridge Electric account number. Please refer to this number when contacting our office.
  2. Telephone Number — Please note that the phone number we have on file is the phone number that appears at the top of your monthly billing statement. If you need to update this phone number, please contact our office at 1-800-240-3400 or indicate on your bill if paying by mail or in one of our offices.
  3. Service Address — Represents actual address where service is located.
  4. Dates of Service — Represents dates of billing period.
  5. Meter Readings — Represents previous month's meter reading and this month's meter reading to arrive at monthly usage.
  6. KWH — Represents kilowatt hours used.
  7. Current Electric Bill — Represents amount of electricity used since last reading and bill amount due for this period.
  8. Previous Amount Due — Amount due at last billing.
  9. Date and Amount of Last Payment — Documents date and amount of last payment received.
  10. Previous Unpaid Balance and Disconnect Date if applicable — If amount is indicated here, an overdue balance exists. If overdue balance is subject for disconnection, a disconnect date appears which indicates the last day a payment can be made to prevent disconnection of service and avoid additional penalties.
  11. Total Amount Due — Amount due if paid by current due date.
  12. Internet Password Information — Assigned, generic password appears which allows you to access your electric bill online. Once you access your account, you will be asked to change your password. After you change your password, for security purposes, it will no longer appear on your billing statement.
  13. Comparisons — Indicates previous and present meter readings, as well as last year during the same billing period, and the kilowatt-hour usage for your current statement. In addition, you can compare your average kilowatt-hour usage per day and your cost per day for each of these billing periods.
  14. Important Delinquent Information — Penalty policy if current bill is not paid by current due date ($10.00 minimum or 3%).
  15. Annual Graph — Depicting your monthly energy usage for the past year, you will be able to use this graph to determine your high and low months of usage.
  16. Monthly Statement Message — Monthly statement of services offered by Blue Ridge Electric or notice of important upcoming events. If a previous balance is due on account, this message will be replaced with important disconnection information.
  17. Bill Status — Recognition of special bill status such as Levelized Billing or Draft account status would appear here if your account is set up for one of these special programs.
  18. Important Notes From Your Blue Ridge Cooperative — Special and important messages for your information.
  19. Office Location Information — Addresses and phone numbers for our four convenient office locations.
  20. Due date and amount for current electric bill.
  21. Disconnect Date and amount to be paid to avoid disconnection of electric service.
  22. Total Due — Represents entire balance due on account.
  23. Credit Card Payment option.

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