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Serving the member well
Nov 1, 2016

With the approach of winter weather, it’s good to take stock. What I can assert with unwavering confidence is that Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative is committed to serving you well, while observing the very best in safety principles. This is true, no matter what the season.

Serving the member well is not a hollow expression. It’s backed up by a big team of employees who’ve demonstrated their unbridled enthusiasm for meeting our members’ needs in every aspect of the cooperative’s operation.

Well trained and professional

Factually, Blue Ridge is staffed with well-trained, professional people. They know what it takes to tackle any challenge that’s handed to them, and they’re educated to undertake their responsibilities in the most-effective way.

Not only does the cooperative have quality employees, but we’re also constantly refining our procedures to make life as convenient as possible for our members. For example, we’re very proud of our member service center. During regular business hours, that group of folks is on the job to answer your telephone calls and emails. Except for high-traffic emergency situations, Blue Ridge members who call can expect to talk to a member service representative, rather than having to deal with an automated phone menu. What’s more, 95 times out of 100, these individuals will be able to assist callers without having to transfer the calls to other employees.

That kind of communications convenience doesn’t come to a halt when the sun goes down. Co-op employees are also always in the office and by the phone during the first, second, and third shifts and on weekends. These power control technicians are alert to any reported problems on the system and can immediately have standby crews on the road to address the trouble.

In the name of service reliability

Another way we’re looking out for our members is through keeping our system of distribution lines in tiptop condition. In a recent message I sent out in our employee newsletter, “Current Events”, I noted that the cooperative’s operations crews had been busy connecting new members to our power lines. At the same time, those crews were devoting considerable attention to beefing up those power lines in locations all across our territory. The majority of this work is being undertaken in the name of service reliability.

I went on to observe that these projects were providing evidence of one of the beauties of our business: As we address electrical-load growth, we’re also building additional strength into the cooperative’s 7,000-mile network of power lines. These improvements supply support for an even better-functioning Blue Ridge organization. That’s a good thing for member and employee alike.

It’s difficult for me to believe we’ve arrived at the final Blue Ridge edition of South Carolina Living for 2016. That means the wonderful holiday season is bearing down on us. I sincerely hope the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations will bring multiplied blessings and enjoyment for you and your loved ones. You can be assured that the Blue Ridge employee team will enthusiastically welcome 2017 and the opportunity to serve you for another 12 months.


Charles E. Dalton

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