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A commitment to service and community
Oct 11, 2016

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative belongs to a family of utilities that generally score high on member satisfaction surveys. Electric co-ops, because they're owned by those they serve, are recognized as the people driven segment of the power industry.

At Blue Ridge, that responsibility for serving our member-owners well is always uppermost in our thinking. The cooperative's mission statement ends with the commitment of this organization to focus on exceeding our members' expectations.

Blue Ridge will be a competitive, quality provider of energy and other services, maintaining its history of integrity and adapting to the challenges of a changing world. While exercising leadership in the community, the organization's focus will be on exceeding customer expectations.

Keep the power flowing

That's something worth considering on those oppressively hot summer afternoons or bitterly cold winter mornings, when the cooperative's power grid performs with steady reliability. At those times—and actually at any other point throughout the year—we can be thankful for the 160-plus employees working at Blue Ridge. These individuals possess both the skills and the determination required to keep the power flowing.

Alongside the responsibility for effectively delivering an essential service to its members, the cooperative's mission includes exercising leadership in the community. That leadership role ranges from supporting area schools, to spearheading local economic-development activities, to helping neighboring charities accomplish their benevolent goals through programs like Blue Ridge Fest.

Jobs, schools, and infrastructure

Your cooperative is concerned about making and keeping our Upstate community strong because jobs, schools, and infrastructure are all vital to your quality of life. We're also intent on attracting and retaining highly capable employees because that has a direct bearing on the level of service you receive.

After more than four decades of personal association with Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, my appreciation for the co-op business model is the strongest it's ever been. With each passing day, it becomes more apparent to me that a cooperative utility is, without question, the best instrument for supplying dependable electric power to the territory we're privileged to serve.

I and my fellow employees have enthusiastically embraced a mission that includes both service excellence and community involvement. Those will always guide our attitudes and actions as Blue Ridge continues to make its way through the 21st Century.


Charles E. Dalton

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