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New annual meeting parking options
Apr 1, 2016

Last year, when I prepared my monthly report for the April 2015 edition of this magazine, I addressed the subject of member parking at the Blue Ridge annual meeting. At that point, a major construction project was in progress in and around our Pickens equipment facility, where we’ve hosted the meeting for many years. Most of that construction work was completed in time for the meeting. Planned new parking areas, however, were not quite ready for the big day.

I’m pleased to report that won’t be the case for this year’s gathering. A new, large parking lot, situated on the west side of the equipment facility and bordering West Main Street, awaits members and their families. This parking parcel is immediately adjacent to the equipment facility, therefore affording attendees comparatively easy access to the meeting site. What’s more, the building where the meeting-registration process is to take place is only a short walk from where folks will park.

No need to cross streets

Members arriving for the meeting will be directed to this host of parking spaces first. Once this lot is completely full, parking will then proceed at other nearby locations if that becomes necessary. By adding this acreage for parking, Blue Ridge has eliminated the need for most members and families to cross a busy street, while making their way to the meeting facility. This has long been a safety concern for us and we are glad to have found a solutions that works for our members.

As always, the cooperative will offer considerable parking for the disabled. These spaces will again be located on the opposite (east) side of the equipment structure around our main office in Pickens. Golf carts will also be in service to shuttle those with disabilities to and from the meeting site. As with all other aspects of our work here at Blue Ridge, we keep striving to get better at conducting the annual meeting. Once more, we’re pulling out all the stops this year, and we hope you’ll make plans to be here on April 28. Full details about the meeting are found elsewhere in this month’s South Carolina Living.

Another $1-million capital-credit refund

One other item I want to mention is that Blue Ridge will make its 34th straight yearly payment of capital credits this very month. Checks totaling $1,000,000 will go out to members in the immediate days ahead. With this mailing, the cooperative will have returned more than $24,000,000 in refunds since its founding.

I believe strongly in the regular rotation of patronage capital, as do our board of directors and my management staff. It’s a key element of the cooperative business model and one, I can assure you, we’re not going to neglect.


Charles E. Dalton

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